Edited at 05.04.2021 – Beowulf in History: Interpretation and Revision

The Rise and Fall of the English Basket-Bhopl

The story of Beowulf is said to have been created around the reign of Harald the Great. The pronunciation of the word “bowed" is a rich source of debate. One common explanation for this is that the word goes back to the battle that befell the Northumbrians, which resulted in the death of the king King Hilda the Confre (854 – 886). Despite popular opinion that Beowulf is not related to the Anglo- Saxon people, several scholars argue that the final defeat of the king was a result of Beowulf's cruel acts and ruthless behavior.

Other scholars contend that Beowulf was the most powerful leader of the invading forces and may have used the Beowulf myth to justify his rule. However, it is worth pointing out that there is little direct evidence to support this claim. It would be best to see the contrasting qualities that befallen the two sides of the coin. On the one hand, the poem describes Beowulf as a brilliant leader who took his time to lead a successful campaign against the southern invasions. On the other hand, the poem suggests that Beowulf sought to confront the native Pictish king Eadwald the Ugnhild (908 - 922), whom the poet calls the 'Welling' and the latter is thought to have eventually won the conflict. This is supported by the fact that Beowulf is usually associated with the name Eadswald the Good.

It is crucial to point out that while Beowulf is generally acknowledged to have conquered the various tribes in the area surrounding the Danish border, it is only fair to point out that the main focus of the poem is not the Beowulf victory but the Whinga campaign. Instead, the poet focuses on the military campaigns of the later king Æthelfrith the Old, who had killed the pagan leader, Eothere the Good. Beowulf is also credited with having helped the Pictish king Fennred the Good, a situation that would come to be known as the 'Eohio-winning era.'

This is also another reason why the poem supports the view that Beowulf the Great succeeded in expanding what was previously controlled by the kings Eadweard the Good and Cnut the Bad.


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