Edited at 30.05.2020 – Citation machine for the first time

Citing and Referencing in relation to the system, with some clarifications.

As a rule, in every article, we must write the names of authors https://cite4me.org/chicago/ who have contributed to the field. But also, we must understand that it is not possible to add a lot of marks to the list of authors without show proof that they were really important people. For example, you can’t have a top 100 authors in the world if you don’t have a proper reputation, or you didn’t have a lot of resources for researching the subject. So you need to let’s discuss some few things, which might be of help to you when writing your articles.

For example, you could be having a good theme about andromedaeology, but it’s not enough, since you are using a most standard tool in your whole program. So if you decide to use a some editing tools for the first time, what would be the best way, what would be the worst, what would be the worst? It’s menace that you may find a serious information base for your work, and you end up submitting an incomplete article. If this be a case, you need to understand how to deal with such issues. Remember, the best theme which you choose always has to be useful for others.

The next step is to come up with a proposal for your article, where you will explain why you think the topic is the best for you. In general, it’s will be showed how interesting the theme is and how it relates to the course of the thesis. If it is not properly chosen, something else will be looked for, and you will proceed to expound on it. When it comes to the system, you will realize that it’s hard to create a perfect system, especially if you don’t have a good mark for the article. You will need to set up a commission to manage the entire project, prepare the literature and do the necessary works. After that, you will decide if you will continue with the project, if not, on which platform?

We all have dreams of what we would like to achieve in our life, in the particular careers, and the companies and organizations. It is never meant that you should give up everything for chasing these dream jobs, but you should take a chance and make a decision. What makes a successful project?


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