Legal Raps

Yo, yo, it's time to drop some legal knowledge in a rap style. Let's break it down with some hot legal topics!

What Animals are Legal to Own in Ohio?

Check it, if you're living in Ohio and want to know what pets you can own legally, then hit up this link to find out the scoop. It's important to know the rules before you bring a new critter into your home.

What to Do if a Contractor Overcharges You

When a contractor tries to take you for a ride, don't just stand there and take it. Learn your rights and find out what to do if a contractor overcharges you so you can handle the situation like a boss.

Alaska Airlines Exit Row Requirements

If you're flying with Alaska Airlines, make sure you know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to exit row seating. Check out this link to stay informed and travel smart.

How Do I Send Documents to EDD by Mail?

When it comes to sending important documents to the EDD, you gotta do it right. Follow this step-by-step guide to make sure your paperwork gets where it needs to go.

Inmate Visitation Forms

If you're dealing with visitation rights for an inmate, get the lowdown on inmate visitation forms to ensure you have easy access to legal visitation rights.

Side Contract Agreement Sample

Peep this free legal template for a side contract agreement. Get your legal ducks in a row and protect yourself with the right paperwork.

Gender and Number Agreement

When it comes to legal writing, it's crucial to understand the rules and examples for gender and number agreement. Don't let your writing trip you up!

Mutual Agreement to Terminate Contract

If you need to end a contract on good terms, make sure you know the legal process and requirements for a mutual agreement to terminate a contract.

Covenant vs Contract Marriage

Understand the legal differences between a covenant and a contract marriage. Love is one thing, but knowing your rights is another!

Key and Peele Legalize Gay Marriage

Get a comprehensive legal analysis of the movement to legalize gay marriage as seen through the eyes of Key and Peele. It's a hot topic with important legal implications.